Whether you are looking to come to Australia for work, study, business or pleasure (on a temporary or permanent basis), Distinction Legal can assist you with the immigration process.

Given the complexity of Australia’s immigration laws, together with the pace in which the laws are constantly changing, it is extremely important to have lawyers well versed in the area to protect your interests. We can assist you by providing you with the appropriate immigration, visa or citizenship guidance to ensure you are legally compliant. Whether you require an assessment to determine the right visa for you and your family, or you are wanting to extend your present stay in Australia, we can assess your individual situation to establish your best course of action moving forward to secure your stay.

We can assist you in the following:

  • Practical immigration advice or guidance
  • Determine the best Australian Visa for you
  • Represent you in relation to your visa application
  • Represent you in relation to appealing an immigration decision

The Australian Immigration landscape constantly shifts in line with political, social and economic factors; this can result in an overwhelming, demanding and prolonged interaction with Australian Immigration authorities, especially if your individual case experiences unforeseen complications. Don’t jeopardise your visa opportunity by being misinformed or misguided; entrust your immigration process in the hands of those who know how to expertly navigate the Australian migration laws.

Let Distinction Legal take the angst out of your immigration process; call our capable lawyers today on (08) 7221 1959.


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